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The Wide Wide World Of Wine

Exibition by The New Jersey Photography Forum
July 1st - August 30th

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 16th, 2 - 4pm
At Summer Festival (Tickets Required)

Artist List

Dorothy Bellew

Ruth Brown

Ralph Greene

Theresa Hood

Jim Julian

Lloyd Marks

Charlann Meluso

Charles Miller

Kathleen Nademus

Nancy Ori

Joan Hajducsek Rosen

Mitchell Speert

Heidi sussman

Russ Wills


'Hanging Grapes' Charles Miller

' The Sisters' Mitchell Speert

'Coming over the Wall' Kathleen Nademus

'Farmers Platter' Theresa Hood




Past Exhibitions (2015)

Arctists Collective

The Arc of Mercer Presents
The Arctists Collective

September 1st - November 10th

This exhibition showcases and supports The Arc of Mercer County. Work by members with physical and mental disabilities is exhibited side by side with professional artist's work, inviting the viewer to question their own assumptions about the abilities of handicapped individuals. Proceeds from sales are split between the artist and The Arc.


World Travels - NJ Photography Forum

World Travels

July 1st - September 1st

This group exhibition features members of the New Jersey Photography Forum and traverses continents and oceans to capture glimpese of life around the world.


Featured Artists

Ruth Brown, Glenn Clark, John Clarke, Jerry Dalia, Paul Donohoe, Ralph J. Greene, Theresa Hood, Jim Julian, Ed Lara, Lloyd MarksPaul Marvuglio, Charlann MelusoCharles Miller, Kathleen Nademus, Nanci Ori, Lisa RedburnCaryn Seifer, Branch Watkins

"Plaze de Espana, Seville" by John Clark


"Windmill on Kinderdyk" by Charles Miller


"Omaha Beach, Normandy, France" by Ed Lara


Mixing Palettes: Paint-off & Exhibition

Mixing Palettes 2015

Paint-off: May 2nd & 3rd
Exhibition: May 9th - June 28th


For the paint-off artists painted the vineyard for two days. During the exhibition viewers cast their vote for best in show. 

Jeanne Bruneau, Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian, Katalin Luczay, Carol Magnatta, Helen Lee Meyers, Meg Brinster Michael, Cyntha Mould, Christina Poruczynski, Roy Reinard III

Best in Show Awards




Pastels at the Vineyard - Pastel Society of New Jersey

Pastels at the Vineyard


March 2nd - May 3rd, 2015


Featuring works by

PJ Aduskevicz, Michal Barkai, Bernadette De Cesare, Leona Cheung, Margaret Cohen, Donna E. Cota, Rita Feeney, Pat Flaherty, Anita Gladstone, Donna Gratkowski, Laurie Harden, Mark de Mos, Paula Pearl, George Roche III, Ellen Rosenthal, Valerie H. Van Decker, Jaclyn Weighart, Louise Woodcox, Joan Wulff, Rhoda Yanow

"Sunset Beach" Margaret Cohen


"Summer Garden" Margaret Cohen


"Petunia Fantasy" Rita Feeney


"It's a Beach Day" Pat Flaherty


"Archway" Anita Gladstone


"D & R Canal" George Roche III


"Little Angel" Joan Wulff

Vineyard Sojourn - MSHAC

Vineyard Sojourn

A Collection of Works by members of the Milbourn-Short Hills Art Center
January 7th - March 1st, 2015


Featuring works by

Peter Alessandria, Nat Bernard, Kat Block, Jo Bradney, Theresa Cywin, Jean Davidson, Darlene Decker, Elizabeth Perez Diner, Barbara Donahue, Michael E Dziomba, Michael S Fenton, Takayo Futamura, Bill Glasofer, Kathleen Havens, Fran Henig, Theresa Kubert, Adela Lezama, Anastasia Mancuso, Charles Miller, Chas Palminteri, Paula Pearl, Isabella Pizzano, Jack Quinn, Leina'ala Schwartz, Chris Siasat, Dorothy Siclare,  Barbara Uhr

"Looking Forward" Nat Bernard


"Lily of the Valey" Kat Block


"Ajna" by Elizabeth Perez Diner


"Montana Sky" by Barbara Donahue


"A Wintery Day" Michael E. Dziomba


"Heidi" Theresa Kubert


"Early Winter" Paula Pearl


"Window with a View" Jack Quinn


"Wistful" Dorathy Sinclare


"Days End" Barbara Uhr



2014 Exhibitions

Late Harvest - Circle of Friends

Late Harvest

Presented by Circle of Friends
December 10th - January 6th, 2015

A collection of works by

Meddy Bozkurtian
Judith Hummer
Jill Vandevor-Frank

"Mediterranean Vista" Meddy Buzkurtian


"Sun Kissed Grapes" Meddy Buzkurtian


"Winter Marsh" Judith Hummer


Judith Hummer


Best of the Best - Gallery 14

Best of the Best

A collection of works by mambers of Gallery 14
September 2nd - November 9th, 2014

Gallery 14 is a co-op Gallery in Hopewell, NJ dedicated to promoting Art Photography. The members' work ranges from traditional photographic images to highly manipulated images and digital art created from or using photographs. Each of the participating members has selected works from their private collections especially for inclusion in this exhibit. In addition to the works in the exhibit you can see works by members and guest artists at the gallery located at 14 Mercer Street in Hopewell, NJ. The Gallery is open on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 - 5:00 and by special arrangement.

Garden State Spotlight - New Jersey Photography Forum

Garden State Spotlight

Presented by The New Jersey Photography Forum
July 5th - August 31st 2014

This photography exhibit highlighting the beauty and excitement of New Jersey offers images for the New Jersey 350 celebration and continues the Photo Forum's "What Exit" Series. Featuring 10 artists, the exhibit includes a diverse range of style and subject matter. 

Participating Photographers: Ruth Brown, Paul Donohoe, Michael Endy, Theresa Hood, Charlann Meluso, Ann Merten, Charles Miller, Nancy Ori, Heidi Sussman and Ray Yaros.

View full exhibition gallery here